Online Dog Training – Who Best to Learn From?

couple with dogDog training online today is really about video. With video dog training you get to watch the action unfold which makes it easier to understand what to do next.

However there is one crucial element to all this if you want to understand your dog and what they are trying to communicate to you. And that’s to do with being able to read your dogs behavior.

Sure you can learn dog training techniques and train your puppy or correct your adult dog behavior but wouldnt it be great to be able to get why they do what they do and respond in kind. This has the effect of not only training your dog but also deepening the bond with your dog throught clear communication both ways – you can speak their language.

Some of the best online video dog training you’ll find today

Here’s an example of a professional dog behaviorist and dog trainer who’s fast becoming the next Cesar Milan but using more gentle training techniques that I feel as a dog expert myself better understand your dogs psychological nature.

What this means is that you not only train your dog out of unwanted bahaviors but that it’s done in a way that leaves them calm and relaxed for life without the use of dominance, gut kicks for attention or holding down by the scruff of the neck which leaves underlying emotional scars no matter how well the immediate training went.

I and many other dog experts have come to realise that our dogs are best served through behavioral understanding and the need for gentle dog training techniques and not bully tactics that undermine this sensitive animal.

For a good example of some of the best online dog training check out the video below.

How to stop over excited dogs from barking

Dog Training Videos

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